An interactive 4 hour course for up to 12 delegates, delivered to all employees to give them a better understanding of risk perception and developing safe habits using the ABC approach. Making the right safe choices not only in work, in the home and leisure time.

The course will cover the following area:

Attitudes that make susceptible to accidents. Influences of risk perception and awareness. Cause of injury. Breaking unsafe habits

Behavioural Change Improving Health and Safety Performance

For managers supervisors Union safety reps and safety champions this 4 hour course for up to 9 delegates.  This course will provide an understanding how effective leadership supports and promotes a strong Health & Safety performance of an organisation

The course will cover the following area:

Understand the relationship between occupational health & health and human behaviour Understand the causes that influence human behaviour.

To learn a range of approaches that you can use to motivate behavioural change.

Each course will include academy certification and full training material.