The one day course is for anyone who is required to operate gantry, and jib cranes either either pendent control or a remote control.

This course aims to provide a working knowledge of pendant, crane operations including instruction on safe methods of crane & hoist. This course meets the statutory requirements of the Health & Safety Executive.

This will provide practical experience for personnel involved with the movement of heavy goods.

Course Content:

  • Pre-shift checks
    • Stopping/Starting
    • Traverse
    • Lifting  Weight/Off Central Loads
    • Lowering/Raising
    • Safe Storage
    • Responsibilities and legal requirements
    • Examination of lifting gear
    • Calculation of breaking strain and safe working loads of ropes of any circumference and chains of any diameter
    • Daily Safety Checks
    • Weight Estimation
    • Safe methods of lifting
    • Effects of angles in relation to the slinging of materials
    • Course review and evaluation

5 Year Renewal Certificate